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 Self-Sealing Airship


The airship, in a specific chosen example of 320m length, can carry approximately 1,350 tonnes of any chosen cargo, passengers, to any destination, be it a civilian use, or in the case of military applications soldiers and equipment to the battlefield, no matter where it may be. It is a self-sealing craft that can give the casual observer the impression that they have just seen a completely different craft. Even though massive in size, it can pass unnoticed, but if engaged has the appropriate manoeuvrability to avoid a missile. Furthermore, if hit by any projectile even a missile, it is able to continue with its mission. This is accomplished by a combination of self-sealing modules in a segmental & modular design. It offers a choice of fuels and uses a combination of buoyancy control, engines, counter acting ailerons, and explosive helical self-drilling anchors to ensure that it goes and stays exactly where it is needed, wherever that may be, and under almost any kind of weather conditions. 

Lighter-than-Air Airship

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