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The Partnership

The senior partner, Michael Joseph Zabrana, is an engineer whose initial qualifications in Mechanical Engineering from what is now University of East Hertfordshire, were supplemented by an Engineering degree abroad. Michaelís work has covered diverse areas such as reconstructions of listed buildings, rebuilding and modification of racing cars, aerodynamics, engine design, aircraft design, theatre stage engineering, and international trading. His interest in safety standards and invention begun at a young age, while training as a mechanic on high performance cars and a specific interest in shipping was brought about by his father who was, himself, a member of The Baltic Exchange. Michael has travelled extensively and gathered much knowledge of practices, design aspects, and various methods of implementation from many countries aside from an ability to communicate in several languages. His constant search for safety and improvement ensures that his inventions are the basis of the products offered by Celtic Lines.


The other partner is Trudie Ann Reay-Young, an accountant who has mainly worked in the areas of Mechanical Engineering and Construction. Early days were spent with a heavy involvement in systems analysis and design including work on early CAD, point of sales systems and production control systems. Many of these years were spent working for the construction division of BTR where risk of death and injury in the industry created an interest in safety and the need for constant revision of working practices and improved equipment. Trudie gained her first recognised accounting qualification in 1978 and, now an FCCA, has used them ever since. Having done some of her early education in Paris before attending Newcastle University and lately Trinity & all Saints at Leeds, she is also multi-lingual.


The business has developed experience in change management from a belief that new technology is to be embraced whenever it can be used to commercial advantage. Those who keep abreast of changes and welcome them into their working environment have organisations that are continually evolving and growing to meet demands. This is the recipe for long-term success. The decision to maintain the business as a partnership was taken partially because of a total belief that there can be no limitation of liability where safety is concerned and therefore the partnership must back all of their products with all that they possess.