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Areas of Operation

Celtic Lines does not restrict itself to any specific area. We will look at any industry, situation, or product that can benefit from a new idea, safety, or other improvements. Current International Patents Pending, applied for through the UK Patent Office include: -

A new method of escape from high-rise buildings. An airship. A toy. An adaptation of a fishing reel that allows the disabled to fish, up to a competitive standard, on an equal footing. The Pile-Breaker - a hydraulic machine to eradicate the possibility of white finger in specific areas of the construction industry. A coating method of ship fabrication to prevent oil spillages and improve salvage procedures in bulk transportation. Of course, there are others and new ones are on the way, but then again we all have our little secrets, don’t we?


To be anything other than short and pleasant dreams, ideas, however bright, must be turned into workable reality – in our field of operations this function is performed by engineering. We combine knowledge we were lucky to have access to with all the latest resources such as CAD and computer modelling before turning to the irreplaceable building of prototypes with others. If you choose to become our client, you will soon realise the necessity to be involved in your chosen “solution” from an early stage so that production methods and any other aspects can be tailored to your personal requirements and of course current facilities wherever practicable. Where there is a need for changes or amendments, we promise to work with you to minimise disruption and any unnecessary costs that we can avoid.


The best of designs are often more than just pleasant to look at, although this aspect remains always an important criterion. Other factors must of course include the most suitable materials and most importantly, considering all the requirements of the intended purpose. We believe that the aim of the new millennium is to provide items that are safe, highly functional, and still attractive to the user and others. Our claim to revolutionary design is explained very simply. We will never restrict ourselves to using traditional materials, or the styles of anyone else. If need be, we will through away the rulebook completely to reach the right solution, as our aim is always to provide the very best one possible. After all, some of our products are worth substantially more than Liz Taylor’s earrings, so at least in some cases, we would argue that the design should be worthy of the true value of the item.

Financial Solutions

Do you sometimes wish that someone would just walk through the door of your organisation and “cut the crap”. That is what we do! Stop the production of information that is never used. Liquidate the assets that you do not really need so that you can use the cash for something more beneficial – or just simply bank it. Sort out production costs and cash-flow. The end result? A streamline, efficient organisation, whose accounts and cash-flow position are tuned like a formula one car. Of course, there are always those of you, who know in your hearts that you have already got everything totally in hand. You know that you do not need us – we are here for everyone else.