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Inventions Inventions with revolutionary engineering design

Multi-Functional Pile-Breaker Multi-Functional Pile-Breaker

This invention relates to a pile breaking machine that may be driven by either hydraulics or pressurised air that allows the top of reinforced concrete piles, (used in the construction industry), to be removed without giving rise to the handlers suffering any effects from vibration and other related problems.


The subject of this invention is a dual coating process to be used in the construction of ships hulls. This modification to current ship building practice is brought forward with the intention to radically improve the safety standard of ships and their cargo. The result of this new procedure gives one a vessel that is effectively harder to sink, substantially easier to salvage and totally minimises the environmental effects of something as disastrous as an oil spillage at sea. >>>>>>>READ MORE HERE

This invention relates to a Lighter-than-Air Airship, preferably comprising a semi-rigid hull filled with lighter-than-air gas

Self-Sealing Airship

This invention relates to a Lighter-than-Air Airship, preferably comprising a semi-rigid hull filled with lighter-than-air gas, (hereinafter referred to as Aircraft), a landing gear arranged so as to be spaced apart equally on either side of the longitudinally extending central vertical plane of the Aircraft, preferably incorporating an internally situated, separable, longitudinal cargo/passenger unit with optional mechanism to vary its position with relation to the Aircraft, while the reinforced structure of the hull comprises capsule shaped sealed tubes, a self-sealing system preferably using freely floating objects of various shapes within the individual compartments of the Aircraft filled with lighter-than-air gas, counter-acting missile flaps, as described in previously published invention (application GB 0119627.8), a new design of propeller engine with the capacity for centre-less propellers, and an explosive anchoring system, consisting of a re-loadable gun type barrel fitted with an explosive charge above the anchor, with a vertical side slot to enable the carrying through of the belt with it, to enable the Aircraft to land, unload, and lift-off in extremely short span of time (approximately five minutes) without the need for regulating the difference between the partially unloaded mass of cargo, by adding on ballast, as is the case in every other known airship design to date.


Illuminated Bouncing BallsIlluminated Bouncing Balls

This invention relates to a pair of illuminated bouncing balls designed for entertainment as a toy. The invention takes an older idea of linked balls, of rigid material, that were attached to each other and forced to collide under proper manipulation causing occasional damage to those playing with them. It replaces the rigid material with a transparent polymer that has similar properties to those held by rubber that promotes the bouncing action. The link between the balls is provided by two fibre optic cables, which carry a light source, powered by a battery located within hand grip.

Trigger HookTrigger Hook 

This invention relates to a semi automatic mechanical system designed to provide maximum achievable efficiency and accuracy for the process of hooking a fish, (while still retaining the human aspect). It rapidly shortens the reaction time taken between a signal being sent from the eye to the brain, and the actual time when the fishing rod is gripped by hand in an attempt to hook a fish, whether fishing for sport or recreation. In addition, it allows individuals who are handicapped by partial loss of an arm, forearm, hand, suffer from arthritis, or other diseases with incapacitating effects, to participate on completely equal terms with every other person in this pass-time, including taking part in competitive fishing.

New "Escapaid" invention offers safe evacuation for first time


New "Escapaid" invention offers safe evacuation for first time

The latest idea from Inventions, UK‑based International Licensing Agents, looks set to smarten up the safety record of skyscrapers. The innovative Escapaid ‑ developed in the tragic aftermath of the Twin Towers disaster ‑ has provoked widespread interest from manufacturers keen to contribute towards what has, until now, been an insoluble problem. 

Inventions chief Colin Cramphorn explains: "architects need to build skyscrapers to make the best use of space; they have the technology to build them; but they don't have the technology to evacuate them quickly. Until now.