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 Self-Sealing Airship


Significant features of the Celtic Lines Airship are listed below. First order analysis and some rather basic calculations, representing the technical capabilities of this airship design are then shown it the Airship Comparison Table.

  • Aerodynamic Features

  • Airport Facilities Superfluous

  • Alternative Forms of Propulsion

  • Anchoring Ability using Explosive Coiled Anchors

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties due to Helium filled Hull

  • Avoids Missile Hits through Automated Evasive Manoeuvres

  • Buoyancy Control Mechanism

  • Can Stay five Minutes, or five Months

  • Counter Acting Ailerons

  • Failsafe Engine Design

  • Hangars Superfluous

  •  Land, Drop & Jump out of the Landing Zone Instantly

  • Land, Unload & Leave the Landing Zone in 10 min.

  • Land and Taxi on Multiple Surfaces

  • Modular Design

  • One Craft-Variable Size

  • Optimal Size for Heavy Duty Transport - over 1,300 tonnes Payload

  • Optimal Size for Heavy Duty Transport - over 8,000 m3 of Cargo, Pers. & Equipment

  • Partial Rigidity with Flexible Properties

  • Positioning of Heavy Cargo underneath Personnel

  • Protective Design Features

  • Reduced Heat Signature

  • Reduced Radar Signature

  • Refuelling, with the use of Hydrogen Turbines, Not Required

  • Scalability

  • Segmental Design

  • Self-Sealing Design

  • Spherical Motion Control

  • Superior Manoeuvrability

  • Withstands Missile Hits

  • Withstands Severe Weather Conditions

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