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 Self-Sealing Airship


The airship, in a specific chosen example of 320m length, can carry approximately 1,350 tonnes of any chosen cargo, passengers, to any destination, be it a civilian use, or in the case of military applications soldiers and equipment to the battlefield, no matter where it may be. It is a self-sealing craft that can give the casual observer the impression that they have just seen a completely different craft. Even though massive in size, it can pass unnoticed, but if engaged has the appropriate manoeuvrability to avoid a missile. Furthermore, if hit by any projectile even a missile, it is able to continue with its mission. This is accomplished by a combination of self-sealing modules in a segmental & modular design. It offers a choice of fuels and uses a combination of buoyancy control, engines, counter acting ailerons, and explosive helical self-drilling anchors to ensure that it goes and stays exactly where it is needed, wherever that may be, and under almost any kind of weather conditions.

It can land, sit, and take off in any environment and can sit for as long as required without any external assistance. It can move and hold any chosen position while in this environment whether it is located in desert, polar ice cap, sea, rough terrain, or a grassy field. 

It can be made smaller, or larger, to suit the occasion needing only some helping hands and not requiring a protected environment, special kind of machinery, or additional equipment. The only limitations are that it must fly out as the largest size version, if the largest size is required at any time during the operations, as it has to take its components with it. Just like an extending table it can only be extended if the slot-in piece is present. 

The engines are of (patent pending) revolutionary multi angle, rotational nature, fitted with centre less turbine blade fan, with reversely positioned blades, with internal backup that can use hydrogen gas made in hydrogen fuel cells, or conventional fuel to support its systems. Alternatively, the craft can be fitted with electro motors that use solar power, or simply with standard jet engines. The engines combine with the individually controlled, counter-acting ailerons to give the craft complete movement control at any stage of the flight, or velocity. It can land, or take off, at any angle including vertical. 

It has a very well protected space within, that can be used for transport of cargo, passengers, telecommunications technology, troops, machinery, any form of equipment, supplies, vehicles, other craft such as helicopters, be kitted out as a workshop, a hospital, a command centre, barracks, or any other combination that may be feasibly required, depending only on the desire, and the needs of the client. The space is both integral and, if necessary, can be made detachable for maximum flexibility. 

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