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 Self-Sealing Airship


A protective, flying fortress that is able to circumnavigate the globe, without refuelling, bringing cargo, passengers, troops, equipment, or supplies in large quantities to any environment. Acting as a mobile fort, barracks, hospital, maintenance centre, command post, communications centre, or many other versions that may be conceived. In fact, it encompasses anything that will fit into a little over 8000 cubic meters of space. It can be armed. It can bring war or relief, in any environment, as all that is required to land it is a space roughly the same size as the craft with enough room to open its doors. Under fire, it can avoid missiles and sustain multiple hits while retaining the ability to continue its journey. When it lands, it can remove badly damaged sections and return to being a fully functional airship although it will loose a proportion of its payload. On return to base, the removed sections can be replaced within a matter of hours, returning it to full operational capacity. 

For military applications, the internal systems have been designed with purpose so that if a fully loaded craft touches down in a state of battle readiness it can be unloaded in less than 10 minutes, or using special design features, instantly. 










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