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The latest idea from Inventions, UK‑based International Licensing AgentsPress Release 


New "Escapaid" invention offers safe evacuation for first time 

The latest idea from Inventions, UK‑based International Licensing Agents, looks set to smarten up the safety record of skyscrapers. The innovative Escapaid ‑ developed in the tragic aftermath of the Twin Towers disaster ‑ has provoked widespread interest from manufacturers keen to contribute towards what has, until now, been an insoluble problem. 

Inventions chief Colin Cramphorn explains: "architects need to build skyscrapers to make the best use of space; they have the technology to build them; but they don't have the technology to evacuate them quickly. Until now. 

So, what makes the Escapaid stand head and shoulders above the competition? Well there isn't really any competition ‑ if you're in a skyscraper right now and there's a fire, you'll simply have to pray its got a sprinkler system (over 80% of Chicago skyscrapers don't) and take your chances on the stairs with everyone else. The Escapaid keeps you off the stairs altogether, being essentially a staggered escape chute. Evacuees access the Escapaid tower from their own floor and descend, via a series of controlled falls, to the ground level. These falls take place via a series of padded chambers, making the whole experience rather like an extended period on a bouncy castle; in other words, it is safe, comfortable and non-traumatic ‑ precisely what a system of emergency evacuation should be. 

Particularly exciting for those involved in Escapaid development is the fluid state of the global market for products of this type. Regional building codes stipulate a high degree of protection for the occupants of skyscrapers, but they are at a loss to pinpoint exactly how this protection is to be achieved. Inventions research executive Julian Blundell remarks that, "there are over 18, 000 building codes in the USA alone. To the regulators of these codes, the Escapaid represents a juicy prospect indeed, as it gives them a product, which satisfies all their criteria. Currently, their codes simply say what should be done, rather than what can be done. The opportunities for partnership between regulatory authority and manufacturer are simply breathtaking. "

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