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Adrian Sanders

House of Commons




2nd December 2009


Dear Mr Sanders,


The Big Bang of Climate Change


I am writing to you as my Member of Parliament to ask you to call on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to stop any further tax hikes on flights from the UK, and to reverse those especially (“climate change” related) taxes already enforced by the Government.


The UK is now the only country in the EU to charge Air Passenger Duty on airline passengers since the Dutch and Belgium Governments decided to abolish their version of the tax, as they evidently seem to be lead by politicians who have some sense left. Both of these countries decided to scrap the tax after it became evident that it put them at a significant competitive and economic disadvantage, and clearly also bearing the arguments against the “Climate Change” in their mind.


It is considered totally outrageous that the UK Government is determined to make air passengers pay more during these difficult economic times, above all for these herein set reasons. The Prime Minister and Mr Milliband are on a war path against all those who dare express their logical opinions against this climate change fraud. No wonder they are taking this position, as especially for a politician it is far easier to choose to defend one’s inept opinions than to admit that one is wrong.


The Government has chosen to adopt this taxing strategy on the basis of false, manipulated, and fraudulently ascertained climate change data that has been unfortunately proffered by many people referred to as scientists who frankly not only do not deserve to be called by this name, but in reality should be in many cases prosecuted and put behind bars. Even a simple child who is aware of our planet’s basic functionalities would be able to calculate that this data is completely wrong, as the least possible description.


Those who have been fortunate enough to obtain serious education, and are truly capable of using their brain capacity at least to its partial extent, know without a shadow of a doubt that climate change is not caused by any human related activities, as while climate change takes place, (on a regular occasion throughout the ages), it is as every sane person knows a cyclical event repeating itself over and over again through millennia. This planet, just as many others in our Universe, is governed by forces and effects on a global, and universal platform, and as such shall change its temperature, as it feels fit to balance itself in a given time span.


It fascinates me how in the age of freely available knowledge to anyone, on every possible media around the world, this Government still remains clearly incapable of putting 1 & 1 together whilst having the opportunity to view and listen to hundreds of examples of serious scientific data obtained by numerous top level and trustworthy scientists around the world, which (only as a simple example), describes the effects of volcano eruptions, changes in magnetic effects of cosmic bodies, impacts of objects with Earth, and other planets in our Universe, as well as cyclically varied activity of the Sun and other stars.


The fraudulent and false argument that humans have a negative impact on our planet’s temperature and its climate is, and shall forever remain, the biggest fraud and deceit certain scientists have chosen to enforce on the Governments of this Planet, and on the scientific society as a whole. Neither you, nor I, shall likely die before it will be proven beyond any doubt that this Government was a puppet of these fraudsters, and acts like it has no knowledge, intelligence, or conscience.


No matter how many International Climate Summits shall our Government together with the Pro-Climate Change people all over the World convene, and no matter how many resultant agreements, (with others who sadly show the same lack of logic and comprehension), try to impose on the people of Britain, (whether successful, or not), the truth, the scientific reality, and the facts of planetary physics shall not be amended. The Earth has passed through thousands of very different climate periods from those described as “ice age”, up to “hot periods”. Our mountains have flourished with flora and fauna in the past millennia, with a complete lack of glaciers and snow in these regions, during these varied periods.


Indeed, the same regions were repeatedly also covered with ice, and it extended much further than today. It means nothing on the scale of planetary physics, other than this planet changes its own climate, to suit a given period in time. Our oceans were covering substantially more of the land now available to us, and it shall be the case again. Mr Brown, or Mr Milliband can change nothing on these facts. People chose to use scary stories to ascertain some level of control over their unruly children for millennia, if not longer - our Government shows precisely the same lack of comprehension when trying to control, and manipulate, the British public in its approach to the ever so infamously popular term “Climate Change”.


However, whilst human activities do not, and cannot change anything significant on the overall Earth’s macro-climate, there is one serious aspect that certainly defines the human race. It is sadly that many people, (above all many scientists), believe they are the most important species since the Earth became habitable for living organisms. It would be superfluous for me to waste my time by trying to convince them that they are simply not, and never will be. The sad desire of these “educated” people, (above all the “so called” climate change scientists), to become known, listened to, respected, valued, and liked by as many people as possible, is a well known fact.


Science does not care about who likes who, or what. Science is, and should remain, governed exclusively by pure logic. The first rule of science is that a theory is precisely that, a “theory”, unless proven and substantiated with absolute and undisputable evidence. This also means that the assessed data must be collected over a significant period of time, (in respect of the Planet’s own climate history, i.e. some 4,5 Billion years), and that when assessing the recent climate developments no other explanation for the noted effects can be determined.


Only then can be a theory, (such as this one), declared FACT! It is only then when any Government, but especially the UK Government, can begin contemplating acting on such proven fact. It is not exclusively our Government that is at fault, various other institutions such as the BBC have allowed the screening of unsubstantiated theories on numerous scientific subjects over the past 20 years, but especially during the last decade, that have been presented to the public in a manner, which leaves a lay person with no other option but to assume that the presented theory is fact. Nonetheless, this is a different subject, and whilst it is of no lesser importance, as it pertains to the quality of education, it is not my current complaint.


The increases to APD penalise long haul flights, despite there being no viable alternative mode of travel for passengers. Over the next two years the tax on flying from the UK will increase according to the Government’s own policy and statements by up to 113% for long-haul flights. This will add up to an additional £90 on a flight.


The Treasury’s intended tax increases to passengers is clear to see in these examples:




November 2009         

November 2010


Economy Class to Dubai




Premium Economy to Barbados




Upper Class to Sydney





I object most strongly against the Government’s position of forcing the aviation companies of the UK, to pay any tax related to environmental changes! Just as I protest against the Government charging non-sensical levels of fuel duty on our cars, and other means of transport. Currently, the Government’s own cost assessment of aviation’s emissions put the climate change cost at £1.8bn, yet the Treasury is intending to increase its total tax take to over £2.5bn by 2011. Let me stipulate that the duty of the UK Government is to enforce laws and taxes that benefit the UK residents, and that the UK Government has no right to enforce any taxes based on an unproven and wrong theory.


I am therefore asking you to urge the Government not to penalise passengers or airlines to an extent no other country would contemplate.


Yours Sincerely,


Michael Joseph Zabrana


Senior Partner (Celtic Lines)